Losing weight sounds so easy.
You just eat less, eat better, move more.

There are a million food plans and even more "experts" out there, happy to tell and sell their latest ideas on how to get healthy, lose weight, and feel fab. And let's not forget your friends and family members...they always know the newest BEST thing you should be doing and how you should be doing it, right?

So why does it feel so frickin' hard for you?
Why do you keep "self-sabotaging"?
Why can't you figure this out?

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I'll tell you why:

  • It doesn't matter how much you know about food and weight and health: if you are fighting your biology, you are going to struggle. This is NOT your first rodeo. You already know more than you ever should about the macros and micros in every cookie and cake on the shelf. #nothelping

  • You're smart, hardworking, committed and determined....but you can't be successful at THIS because you don't know the rules of the game. When you been given faulty information about your body, weight, and health you can work as hard as you want with NO results. Sound familiar?

  • Worse than that, the harder you try, the worse things tend to get. You eat Kale all day, only to find yourself hoarding Twizzlers all night. Come on, I know you have. Working hard at THIS just leaves you more disconnected from your body, more confused and unsure. You forget what hunger and full really feel like and how food can energize and satisfy...when you aren't feeling so guilty about it.

If you're reading this, you already know it in your bones:

If the "expert" information and those conventional ideas and strategies were going to work for you, they would have.

You know there has to be another way. A missing link. Information you haven't yet found. A REASON why you can't stick with the plans and why your body won't co-operate.

You're ready to get off this hamster wheel of negative behaviour around food, negative thoughts about your body, and yo-yoing weight.

You want peace. Freedom. To eat like a normal, un-obsessed human being again.

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The Result?

  • No more compulsive, negative, behaviours around food, so you can move through your day with peace and ease, confident in all your food choices.

  • No more body hate, so you can wear the clothes you want, swim with your kids, enjoy sex, dance, play, LIVE!

  • No more compare and despair, so you can enjoy the beauty of other women, develop strong female relationships, celebrate the success of others and build a community of "girls girls" who support and encourage each other.

  • No more self-doubt, so you can move boldly through the world, knowing that you have all the answers within you to make good decisions for yourself and your family.

  • No more punitive exercise, so you can choose movement that feels juicy and amazing in your body. Movement you look forward to and prioritize without effort. Imagine?

  • No more dieting! So you can eat wherever, whenever without constant weight and health worries. Joy!

"This course changed everything for me. Before this course I didn’t feel connected to my body. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. It was just another “thing” I would get around to dealing with later. With each one-on-one session, exercise, and question, I was able to see my body is an extension of me. It sounds crazy, but until this course, I didn’t equate self-care to also caring/loving my body. Jill is an amazing, intuitive teacher - she asks all the right (i.e. tough) questions and really challenges you to evaluate how you think about your body. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to reconnect with their body, and bring more joy into their daily life. Thank you, Jill!" - Kendra

You could keep going it alone. Reading the books, asking friends, starting every Monday with a new plan.....but why? You don't have to do this alone.
I can help.

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