Feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the magic in your everyday life

when you’re not preoccupied with counting carbs

and hating your thighs.

Find YOUR Healthy-ish blueprint: a dreamy space of flexible, pleasurable, and completely customized energy-boosting practices that are perfectly YOU.

Get your 100% Healthy-ish guide to the most luxurious (and MF fun!) way to feel good this holiday season (and right on in to 2023).

Easily make food and exercise decisions that are GOOD for you. No more angst, self doubt, obsession, and rebellion. Learn how to say YES to things that feel good and NO to the things that don’t. 

Work with your changing body.  Life changes. Seasons change. Your body changes. You can’t keep using the same old tactics week after week, year after year.


Boring! And ineffective! What you need is a plan that’s flexible, that you can revisit regularly, and alter to work for you.

Bring beauty and pleasure back into your life. It’s impossible to enjoy food, clothes, holidays, sex, dinner parties, and moments with your kids when you hate your body.

Feel monumentally supported. I know what it feels like to sit in front of a computer, alone, at 11pm on a Tuesday night with no fewer than 4 drink options in front of me and very little motivation.


My programs are always high-touch and the 1:1s and small group work will ensure you stay motivated, guided and finish the GD thing!




Ready to turn your understanding of health - and what it takes to get there - upside down?

Get on the waiting list for the ONLY way to work with Dr Jillian Murphy . 



Note* My work is NOT for: individuals suffering from clinical eating disorders. {Some information shared in this space WILL NOT be helpful for you while you are stuck in the cycle of clinically disordered eating. Please seek medical/psychological help and come back to this space when your eating disorder is in remission. This space is about the steps it takes to get from "disorder free" to totally free....a step often missing in clinical treatment. That said, please take care of your health first!}. If you are concerned you may have an eating disorder - please check out NEDIC or NEDA.


Lots of love. XO Jill