If you've been struggling with your weight:

trying to eat the right things, control your cravings and appetite, move your body, and feel more energetic - but instead of feeling better - you feel more exhausted, obsessed, and unhappy with your body than ever... well, I've been there. I get it.

If you’ve been struggling with your health :

low energy, diabetes, PCOS, high blood pressure, or menopause - and you’re just so tired of everyone’s advice being “just lose weight” while all the diets seem to fail you… I get that too.

If you’re ready to start enjoying your body, feeling engaged, motivated, vibrant, and fresh again - I've got you.

Stop trying to figure this out on your own and let me help.


I'm Dr. Jillian Murphy

naturopath. health coach. body joy seeker. french fry activist.


Creator of the Food Freedom/Body Love Method, as well as the Redefining Health and Juicy Body programs - Now introducing 100% Healthy-ish


For over a decade I've been a leading voice in the anti-diet, weight-inclusive world... which means I help super-smart, very stuck women understand why they keep googling "keto pizza crust" at 2am despite the fact that restriction has never worked for them. And I can help YOU.

I'll teach you to like the way you look in jeans (or give up on jeans completely, ammirite?), make friends with movement (not best friends but like - I enjoy waving at you from across the street - kind of friends) and, best of all, I'll teach you how food, weight, and health can all be SO. MUCH. EASIER.


Because who - at this messy, beautiful, ridiculously busy, point in their life - isn't absolutely exhausted from fighting food and their body?

I don't sell weight loss but I do sell peace, ease, and freedom...which has got to be worth at least eleventy hundred weight watchers points


The points are bad, right?

*very loud and deep announcer voice*

Which has got to be worth at least MINUS eleventy hundred weight watchers points.
Note: I also work with parents whose CHILDREN who are struggling to eat properly, whether it’s because they are exceptionally fussy or obsessed with food. I help parents who are stressed-out by the fact that their kids aren’t growing enough or are gaining weight in a concerning way, via simple, practical, research-validated advice. This work is perfect for parents who want to raise children who are a JOY to feed, who grow well, and have a great relationship with their bodies.


I work with practitioners and professionals in the health and wellness field who are looking to get into or grow their skills in anti-diet, weight-inclusive work.

While my background is naturopathic medicine - in this space, I work as an educator and coach - offering up the very best coaching programs in this field.

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Educational Background

Dr. Jillian Murphy is a registered, licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, having completed the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine’s four-year postgraduate program in 2006. Prior to attending CCNM, Dr. Murphy graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Kinesiology.

Jillian’s background includes 10 years of general naturopathic practice along with over 15 years of working with children in various fields, including intuitive eating and body image. She has additional training in CBT and coaching.

Jillian has dedicated the past 10 years to studying the psychology of eating, the relationship between weight and health, intuitive eating, and the most in-the-know strategies for exiting the diet cycle.  She is currently an associate, trained under Ellyn Satter (THE go-to authority for raising children who are a joy to feed) to further her expertise in the area of childhood feeding and growth. Jillian works from a Health At Every Size (HAES) perspective.

Jillian loves to stay busy! In addition to her practice, she maintains an active lifestyle that includes: dance, jogging, walking, biking, swimming and yoga. She is an active parent at Central Public School in downtown Kingston, and a board member for The Kingston School of Dance.