But....What about HEALTH?!?!

When I talk about Intuitive Eating, most people have two big arguments:
1. What about my health??
2. What about my weight??

i.e. if I eat whatever I want, all I'm going to want is cookies and then what will happen to me? I will be an unhealthy Hamburglar type blob with coronary artery disease and and a one-track cookie monster brain.

Well, okay.....let's address ALL the arguments:)


1. Restriction (not allowance) causes a Cookie Monster Brain.
Yes, when you first start allowing ALL of the foods there is often a swing towards the desire for the foods you've labelled "forbidden". BUT, as you allow, allow, allow.......forbidden foods slowly lose their power. A cookie becomes no more/less desirable than a peach or a bowl of rice. Trusting your intuition = no more cookie monster brain.

2. Straight Up....there is no way to know where your weight will fall.
To make this work, you need to let go of the results.
I can't totally ease your concerns here or offer any guarantees....Your weight might drop. It might stay the same. It might go up. You are not in control of that. One thing is for sure though...dieting will only make things worse.....studies have proven that, time after time, dieting causes weight to go UP! UP! UP! It's not an easy choice to make but letting go of the results is the ONLY way to get really cool with food and find your natural, healthy, effortless weight.

3. If you are treating your body well, you can be healthy at ANY size.
We NEED to stop using "health" as a reason to continue crazy food/exercise behaviours. None of it is making us healthier.

4. Healthy Choices will come later.....naturally.
While health is not the initial focus of intuitive eating (focusing on "good" vs "bad" foods will perpetuate unhealthy food behaviour), as you increase allowance and become more in tune with your body, you will begin to make healthier choices not because you should but because you want to. As you quiet your inner food police, your inner wisdom will emerge....and this is the magical point where you'll be able to make the best possible choices for your body...you'll naturally balance "work" and "play" foods....you'll feel great and you'll be FREE!

Sound kinda hard? Can't quite wrap your brain around it? Email me with your questions!!!! I'm happy to help:)