IE for KIDS! Episode 2/5: Obstacles, Resistance, & WHAT ABOUT NUTRITION??

Hello! Happy Post-Hallowe'en morning:) Did you survive??
For those who struggle with ALL THE SUGAR on Hallowe'en, I posted an article from Bon Appetit on my Facebook Page and an excerpt from Nutritionist Julie Duffy Dillon on Instagram....a little info to ease you through!

Alright, podcast time.
Did you listen last week? What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!
Moving on to Episode 2....


Today's Episode:

Obstacles, Resistance, & WHAT ABOUT NUTRITION??

In this episode I discuss:

  • the common parental worries that lead to too much or too little interference

  • four major things you need to know in order to drop resistance and BUY IN to this model

  • why the relationship to food takes precedence over the nutritional quality of food itself

  • Also: beware of counterfeits! How to spot someone selling you (diet culture) messages of control vs. trust

This episode is perfect for those interested in this model of feeding but struggling to believe that they can trust their children to eat the right amount of food, a variety of foods, manage themselves around play food (FYI: that's what I call junk food:) and grow in the right way for them - WITHOUT parental interference. It will also help you filter nutritional information coming at you from every angle - so you can avoid buying into advice or information that pulls you off track.

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