IE for KIDS! 4/5: Body Talk!

We are nearing the end of this series on Intuitive Eating, Health, Weight & Body Image for Kids! How has it been going for you? What are you taking away from it? Any feedback? Comment below or email me at:



In this episode I discuss:

  • strategies for talking to your children about their bodies and other peoples' bodies

  • how to foster a sense of body confidence in your children - even while living in a thin-is-best, diet culture

  • teaching children about the cultural story-line around weight and bodies and which vocabulary to use (and avoid!)

  • two common pitfalls when it comes to discussing differing bodies with our children.

This episode is perfect for those interested in learning how to talk to their children about bodies and to encourage body talk in children in a way that allows for education, understanding, and the fostering of a positive body image - without falling into old diet culture storylines and while understanding that most people still live in (and buy in!) to diet culture beliefs.


Next week, in our final episode, I cover IMPLEMENTING the Division of Responsibility and a grab bag of extra topics like: managing food at parties, over holidays and in restaurants.

Until then!