IE for KIDS! 5/5: Permission & Discipline.

Well, we did it! 
Today is the final episode of the podcast series for'd it go for you? Anything you particularly liked or didn't understand? Comment below - I'd love to hear. Also, you can contact me anytime to book a session and help you work through feeding issues with your children (or you!). Email me at:


Today's Episode:

Permission & Discipline.

In this episode I discuss:

  • the 2 key concepts you need to master in order to feed your healthy family and raise body confident, competent eaters

  • meals as "the bottom line": how to make meals happen and setting yourself up for success

  • understanding normal (and not so normal) child behaviour at the table

  • how to use PLAY food within meals and snacks

  • eating outside the home: parties, holidays, and restaurants.

It's a jam-packed episode, perfect for those ready to go full tilt with the division of responsibility inside and outside the home.


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