When it comes to Food and Weight: Do You Trust Yourself?

I talk a lot about trust in this work. About learning to trust yourself when it comes to making intuitive food choices and exercise choices and just LIFE choices in general.

What I hear back:
but I don't trust myself to choose what to eat every day. I'll make the wrong choices!
I can't trust myself around chocolate....I'll eat it ALL!!
I can't trust my body to enjoy movement....what if I end up hating cardio?

I have no idea what's good for me. How can I trust myself to make that decision? 


I think it's important to point out that, in these cases, people are not understanding what self-trust IS.
Self-trust is not about knowing that you'll always make the right decision, do the right thing, or that you have all the right answers.

Self-trust is about knowing that you will ALWAYS BE FINE, no matter what decision you make. 

It's about understanding that this whole "life" thing (and eating thing! and body thing!) is a process and there aren't any RIGHT answers - just "right now" answers where we do the best we can, with what we have, and what we know, in the present moment.

It's believing that, even if things go dramatically off-course, NOTHING IS FINAL and you can rely on yourself to bring yourself back - (that includes knowing when you need to seek/accept outside help to get back on track).

It's knowing you will survive your choices and you can learn from the moments you "get it right" and the "mistakes" equally - showing yourself kindness every step of the way....that YOU can count on YOU.

Ultimately, self-trust is a practice of compassion, not perfection or knowing.

Have an amazing weekend,

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