Using Your Body to Disrupt the Status Quo (aka the Holiday Buffet)

I just saw this quote on Instagram and it got me thinking about our bodies and the status quo....

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 11.55.04 AM.png

Our bodies are art.
They are art + magic + science + miracles all wrapped up in one. 
How are you using your one, incredible, body?

Are you upholding the status quo? 
Believing you don't deserve food unless you exercise like this or look like that.
Hiding in clothes you don't like, so as not to offend.
Allowing standards, set by those who seek to control and diminish, define how you move your body?
Buying into the beliefs of those who believe YOUR self-esteem, self-worth, and self-care are expendable - "acceptable costs" for their power.

Or are you challenging the status quo?
Let's think about it like this: the status quo is your next holiday party/buffet table.

Do you dare:
Wear the clothes you want to wear?
Have fun in your imperfect, perfect flesh?
Choose the foods you want and not explain or apologize or discuss?
Shrug off the comments about your choices and body as ignorant, impersonal, bigotry?

When it comes to our bodies, existing joyfully is disruptive, revolutionary ART.

"It is our right and responsibility to write ourselves into the future", alone and together. 

Happy holidaying,

NOTE! As always, I want to be clear that my own medium-sized privilege makes the act of being SEEN in my body, and the suggestions I’ve made above, so much easier than it is for those in more marginalized bodies. We do need to enjoy our bodies WHILE continuing to speak up and dismantle a system that caters to and makes certain bodies acceptable and others, not.