5 Hot Tips for the Holiday Food Season!!!

There is a piece of me that feels like...am I doing this? Am I writing yet ANOTHER article telling women how to manage themselves around food through the holidays.
Really?? Really?!

Can't we just get beyond this and eat the damn food and wear the fucking sparkly skirt and have all the fun?

If only. 

If only it were that easy.
If only it were that simple for women of all sizes and shapes. 
If only it were all love & light and holiday cheer.

But alas, that is not the world we live in (though we can - and are! - hoping and working for change every day, aren't we?).

So, here we go. One more article on managing your female body and appetite through the holidays:)

Jill's 5 (NO BS) Tips for Eating through the Holidays

1. Eat when you are hungry. Feed yourself consistently. Trying to figure out some algebra-nightmare-esque equation that will allow for a certain amount of food at "this" time so you can eat "X" amount of food at "that" time and so you don't eat "Y" foods at some undetermined time and place in the future....is a recipe for disaster. Eating is a present moment experience. Check-in with your body. If you are hungry, feed yourself. If you want to try that food, try it. If you aren't that interested, you don't have to eat anything. Oh, and just because you ate cookies or candy canes, doesn't mean you don't "deserve dinner". You need to keep getting nutrient dense foods into your body, as play foods don't tend to fill us, regardless of the calories. 

2. The only DISCIPLINE you need through the holidays, is the discipline to stay aware of your physical body and consider it's needs. Building on the concept in tip #1 - you can and should be AWARE of how your physical body is feeling and consider what it/she needs. To be clear - I am NOT saying you should be a slave to your physical body and if you do anything that feels remotely physically uncomfortable, you have failed. Nope, nope, nope. It's the holidays - you are bound to eat a bit too much of this or a lot too much of that. It happens. No big deal. YOU DIDN'T MURDER ANYONE. It's just food, k? There will always be another opportunity to do things differently and feel differently. 

3. Expect things to be unusual. Expanding on the concept in tip #2 - It's an unusual season and it won't last forever. You'll eat things you don't normally eat, in weird amounts, and that can be fun and it can be hard. It will likely be both. I love holiday food SO MUCH but there is always a moment when my body starts to feel ravaged by the season. I try to enjoy it, actually - knowing that when that ravage-y feeling comes up I will begin to feel ready to make a shift into a more simple, slow, deep-winter way of life. Can you find a way to enjoy the indulgence of the season knowing that a more basic season will naturally follow?

4. If you are tuned-in to your body and your body starts to feel ravaged AND you feel like you want to do something about it: Do it. Regroup. ADD IN - more water, more movement, more fruit, more MASSAGE, more warm baths, more rest, more meditation, more self-care. Find a way back to yourself, even in the chaos of the holidays.

5. Fall back on ALLLLL the work we've done in the past. Re-read newsletters, go to the Article section of my website, revisit my Podcast (start right at the beginning with the Body Image Masterclass called 7 Days, 7 Stories), join my Facebook group - The Collective for a series of Holiday videos. 

Any other questions? Anything you need help with through the holidays?? Hit reply. I want to help!
You've got this!