Why is it so hard to find good info on body image, beauty, and health, beyond diet culture?

Because traditionally, women's stories have been destroyed.
Our stories have been ignored, altered, push aside, defamed.

Information that supports women, living beautifully and healthfully, fully tuned-in to their own knowing, has been buried.

In the absence of those powerful stories, new stories have emerged. Stories from religion, medicine, pop culture, art, advertising, and economics. Stories that tell us our bodies are wrong and then tell us how to get them right.

To get clear on who you truly are: what makes you feel beautiful and vibrant, what feeds you physically, mentally, and emotionally - you need space to peel away the old stories. To release yourself from the surface drama of compare and despair and never being good enough. A place to feel sad and enraged. A place to laugh at the absurdity of it all!

Which is why I created The Food Freedom/Body Love Collective.
A monthly membership community where we engage in the conversations and the sharing of experience and story that allow us to live joyfully in our bodies, release us from the weight and burden of constantly needing to "be more" and provide us with the tools to access our inner knowing and live in a way that is best and healthiest for us.

More Info on The Food Freedom/Body Love Collective:

The FF/BL Collective is a monthly membership program where I give you the tools, strategies, support, and community you need to live life beautifully and healthfully in the body you are IN!




$25/month - what you get

  1. A MONTHLY THEME - focused on intuitive eating, body image, health and beauty - always from a non-diet, health at every size, holistic perspective.
  2. CONNECTION - Jill will lead weekly video conversations exploring our theme. It will be short, juicy, inspiring and FUN! You'll look forward to tuning in every Monday morning - an amazing way to kick off the week!
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY - a simple, clear, email sent right to your inbox every Monday, checking-in and leading you to pertinent content for the week.
  4. MEDITATION/VISUALIZATION - short, sweet, simple ways to slow down, connect to your inner voice and manifest your goals.
  5. HOMEWORK - Optional journal exercises, real life experiments, or readings to deepen your learning. You never need to worry about falling behind though! You can pick up or leave this work as it fits into your life.
  6. A HEALTH FOCUS - Jill will suggest, for those interested, small cumulative steps you can take toward your health for the month - related to our theme. These suggestions will always be non-diet related and health at every size based.
  7. LIVE Q& A with Jill - once a month you'll have the chance to get all of your questions answered live!

monthly themes for the rest of the year!

  • Radiant Body/glowing from the inside, out
  • Intuitive Eating, Intuitive Everything/letting intuition lead the way in eating…and life
  • Beauty, Redefined/discovering & cultivating our own brand of beauty
  • Story/how our beliefs and stories shape our health and bodies
  • Pleasure, Awareness, & Metabolism/the missing links
  • The Sacred/the power of beautiful, simple, routine & ritual
  • At Home/feeling at home in our bodies, in the kitchen, in our houses
  • Appreciation & Desire/the ultimate source of energy
  • Seasonal Shifting/nourishing our bodies & souls through the seasons
  • Celebrate/a celebration of all we’ve accomplished, an integration of the tools, & setting intentions for the season and new year

See ya in there!