The Sadness Associated with Loving and Accepting Your Body.

There is some grief in adopting body positivity. It's a weird thing - that learning to love and accept your body could feel so sad at times.

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It's hard to look back on the years you've wasted worrying about your body/hating on it. Fighting with food. Not having the piece of cake.

It's sad to realize that your body was younger, thinner, more culturally ideal and - even when you had the privilege - you couldn't see it or appreciate it.

It can feel devastating to give up the diet/weight loss pursuit because we've been taught that that means we're giving up on ourselves and our dreams.

Giving up on being a size "whatever" can feel heartbreaking when, for most of your life you've been taught you can only access health, happiness, success, beauty, ease, and belonging WHEN you are a size whatever.

It's sad when you realize you don't know what to do with your time because your singular focus and main hobby has been weight loss.

It's gutting to realize the judgements you've passed on others bodies, the judgements that you'll have to continue to endure from those who think anyone with extra weight could just get it off if they worked hard enough or knew a bit more or were willing to "put in the time".

There's more. Of course there's more. Feel free to add to the list....