How we can work together in 2019!!

The new year is here!!! And if, by some grace of God or the universe or this newsletter, you managed to avoid a new, restrictive food plan to change your life (but mostly your body and then hopefully your life), I SALUTE YOU!!!

This time of year is NOT easy. The regular, incessant, drone of diet-culture messaging that outlines how we could be more attractive (and thus more valuable humans) reaches an almost incomprehensible volume and intensity. It's easy to get sucked in. I mean, I LOVE the feeling of a new year and a new beginning and chance to be better and do better - the main thing now is I actually put my energy into doing better and being better......instead of desperately trying to find my way to those outcomes VIA thinness:)


2018 was a mixed bag for me, honestly. Some major wins and some hard, tough moments. Luckily, I feel like the biggest gift I get through the holidays will always be the S P A C E I need to sort through the lessons of the past year and to correct or recommit to my path. 

This year I'm doing both! Correcting AND recommitting.
My message is evolving.
My business is maturing.
There are new and exciting projects in the works and a return to old, effective ways of working.

I felt it would be best (and easiest) to actually CHAT about all of this and so that's what I did....I made a podcast. It's only 24 mins and you can listen to it here:
2019! New Year, Same Old Me!!! But also, some fun changes and new exciting projects:)

For those who haven't figured out podcast yet (I get it, why is it so complicated?!?!), here are the Coles Notes:

Ways to work with me in 2019
The 1:1 program
This has been - and will always be - my favourite way to work with people struggling with food, their body, and pursuing health in a way that feels best to them. The most impact and best results. This is definitely a time and financial investment but if you realllly want to change your relationship with food and body for good - this is it. Commitment required.  I strayed from this offering a bit in 2018, in an attempt to make things more accessible and, honestly, it didn't serve anyone. 

Single sessions
I will continue to offer single sessions to a few categories of people:

  • those who have done my programs

  • those who have 1-2 very specific concerns they want addressed

  • health care professionals/providers needing some guidance in implementing a more inclusive, anti-diet approach into their work

  • parents consulting for children.

Beyond that, as mentioned above, most issues really do take time to address and repair and the 1:1 program is generally a better choice.

The Food Freedom/Body Love Method Online Self-Study (coming Soon!)
I'm pretty excited about this as it gives everyone access to this work. I'll be turning the videos and Q&As from my last online group program into a self-study program you can purchase any old time and work through on your own! 16 hours of incredible content and learning at an affordable price. Stay tuned!

I am working to spread this message of health and self-care BEYOND diet culture to as many people as possible and - since my middle school public speaking competition days - speaking has been one of my favourite ways to reach larger audiences. I speak to health care professionals & providers, companies, small businesses, non-profits, schools, and entrepreneurs.

Do you have or work for an organization or conference that could use this information? Emil me at

Buy my BOOK!!!!! (Also, coming soon:)
That's right! A book is finally (for me, anyway) on the way!!

Working title:
A guide to pursuing bewildering health, wellness, and body JOY - without constant weight worry, exercise obsession, and food evangelism. (Alternate tag line: how to eat a banana without counting carbs)

This book was written for YOU - you my readers who have followed me, who are clear that you are done with dieting, are actively making peace with your bodies, are shunning the deprivation/restriction culture we live in, and embracing a life of pleasure-driven nutrition and movement. You've heard and practiced the "basics" of Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating but you're ready to go one step further – going beyond the basics – to pursue the feeling of health and wellness you are after without falling back into food and body preoccupation or becoming a health “preacher”.

Can't wait to get this out!
Again, you can get even more information via the podcast...right HERE
Next week I'll be back with the regular, hard hitting, journalism you've come to expect from me.

Until then!