I have noticed an interesting trend in the anti-diet community.....

OMG! I'm frickin' freezing.
Not sure where you are but it's -20C outside my window right now and I'm finding it SO HARD to get back into a routine. I typically really enjoy winter but for some reason the cold and the ice and the blood moon eclipse thing-y....it's playing with me. My husband has a friend from high school that moved to LA not too long ago and he leaves regular messages on my Instagram feed about palm trees and sunscreen and hammocks.... and that is called CYBER BULLYING, I believe;)

I'm back on my mushroom coffee (I get fewer caffeine crashes with this coffee) and my morning celery, lemon, apple juice (I've done this for ages...I feel like my digestion is better for it) and I'm trying to nourish and move my body while honouring my winter desire to lie on a pile of warm laundry, bake bake bake, and watch Workin' Moms in bed (have you seen it?!?! HILARIOUS and very risque for a show on CBC....). 

As I walk the tightrope of caring for my body and soothing my frost-bitten soul I've noticed a striking trend in the Anti-Diet Community......


Making Fun of "Work" Food.

I get it. We are inundated with manipulative, insidious, diet messaging CONSTANTLY. Even those who claim to "not be doing it as a diet" throw around all the reasons why we should be on keto or vegan or anti-inflammatory diets FOR OUR HEALTH and it's all a bit much.....I can understand the desire to balance out the all the #sugarfree hashtags with #f&*kceleryjuice.

But I just want to be clear that - just as PLAY foods are inanimate objects not out to murder us, WORK foods are not out to restrict us. 

It's not the food that is the problem. It's the way the foods and food plans are being SOLD to us that is the problem. 
I often poke fun at counting almonds or thinking chia seeds will absolve crime....but I'm not making fun of almonds or chia seeds themselves - there are lots of super great reasons to eat those foods if they feel good in your body. 

Celery juice - as trendy as it is - isn't an issue. In reality, those of us that like juicing have been putting celery in our green juices for years....it's the belief that celery juice is THE KEY to shedding weight, will cure all your health problems, fix your relationships, and pay your mortgage that is the problem. It's just juice. 

Intuitive Eating is about allowing ALL foods, being curious, trying and enjoying foods that interest you and seeing how they feel in your body. It's about being aware of all your needs and happily attending to those needs without needing to justify or explain or hashtag #itsallaboutbalance. 

Health is different for different people.
Balance is different in differing bodies.
Nourishment will look different from one person to the next. 

The key in all of this is allowing each person to follow their own body....feeling empowered and trusted to follow OUR OWN bodies. All food needs to be allowed and respected in order for that to happen. 



PS To be very, very clear - despite the fact that I will always respect and allow all foods and ways of eating that feel right to individuals - I will continue to challenge those on my Instagram page or Facebook pages who throw around food rules accidentally - not aware of the subtle and nuanced diet messaging they pass along when they tell others HOW to eat or WHAT to eat and WHY - even when backed by research. The goal here is to own our personal food choices because of how they feel in our bodies and lives without projecting them on to others.