Stephanie's story.

From compulsive, obsessive, and fed-up to flexible, free, and feeling good.

Stephanie transitioned out of diet mentality and into a place where SHE could define health and health values for herself!!! The Food Freedom/Body Love Method showed her the way...but she did the work. And she will continue to do the work, moving deeper and deeper into the lessons with time.

Why should you care??
Because this could be YOU.

In only a few months you can rid yourself of out of control, helpless, addictive feelings around food and find peace in your body.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading.....all in Stephanie's own words. (originally written in 2017)


The Before

"My story starts when I was in elementary school, I felt I was bigger than other girls. My friend was losing weight already. I never did any diets but I did have guilt around food and I do remember just trying to be healthier. Growing up, my mom always had negative talk about weight and body image and most of my family struggled with weight and wanting to lose it. 

In high school, I did try two diets. One was in a group setting and I also tried the South Beach diet because my Grandma and aunt had been doing it.

When I hit university, I gained weight. All through my four years I tried to lose weight by calorie counting, eating less, having email buddies or deals with my roommate but nothing worked. 

I graduated university at my heaviest weight, feeling awful about myself, so I joined Weight Watchers. It worked and I lost thirty pounds, but spent the entire year obsessing over food. What could I get for the least amount of points? I'd say no to hanging out with friends because food wasn't within my points or I felt like I had to plan everything.

I also started going to the gym regularly, and it became a habit. I did enjoy doing that at the time but life went on and I slowly stopped going to Weight Watchers meetings and the gym. And I slowly gained the weight back. This is when I truly became obsessed with losing weight and food. In the few years following that, I tried coaching, ketosis diets, personal trainers, gym memberships, calorie counting, weight watchers, and any little diets. I did the alternate fasting day diet, but I wasn't able to stick to anything, and therefore everything was unsuccessful and I just continued to gain weight. 

I felt like weight and food talk took over my life. My social media was filled with it and my days were spent researching weight loss options. 

This is when I met Jill with the Food Freedom /Body Love Method.  


The results of our 4 months working together:

"I have now learned diets don't work. And if they do, its only temporary. By restricting ourselves, we give power to certain foods. It is designed by our culture and puts pressure on people to look a certain way; the way the world wants us to look. Diets and restriction are bad for our metabolism and they confuse our body.

Dieting means feeling the need to be in control and to conform to what society says the perfect woman looks like or who the perfect woman is. I no longer have space for dieting in my life or the negative effect it has on a woman's body image because I have found joy in other areas of my life and am learning to love and respect my body for what it is, not for what society says it needs to be.

My new food values: 

whole foods

My Gentle Food Rules: 

I keep water intake high, as I have learned this makes me feel better.

I choose foods that are more gentle on my digestion. Example, avoiding pizza. 

I limit sugar intake as I know these foods don't make me feel good. But I understand that when I am in a social setting or if I want or choose to have these foods, I can have these foods guilt free. I value balance and learning to enjoy all the foods in my life without feeling guilt around these foods or feeling like I need to have these foods.

I cook from home with whole foods, but I do value flexibility, so understanding if I choose to go out for dinner, I can enjoy it . I have also learned to understand that when I am stressed or very unhappy, I make food choices that make me happy or cope, and I can enjoy these food choices without guilt. 

I have learned to take time with my food and enjoy it. That means listening to my body while I eat, honouring my hunger, honouring when I am full and paying more attention to the food I am putting into my mouth; how does it taste, how does it feel, am I enjoying it? 

I have learned that when I make food choices that don't make me feel good, that doesn't mean I need to sit and dwell and feel guilty around these food choices. If that happens I have found doing something for self care helps a lot, I have learned to do something that makes me feel good like move my body, go on a walk, take a bath, listen to a podcast, get a massage, put on make-up. I no longer sit and feel guilt around my food choices.

I understand diet culture will always be there. It's directed at telling us that we aren't good enough so we will buy products. I fortify myself against diet culture by avoiding negative self-talk, filling my social media with different body types, I now want to take better care of myself, dressing better, taking time to do my hair and makeup as these make me feel good. 

I now believe my body is amazing because it allows me to live out my life. I don't always love every inch of it, but I do respect it. By making choices that make me feel good inside, I will feel more physically stronger.  

In addition, movement has changed a lot for me. I now move consistently because it feels good, not because I have to move every day, but I am choosing ways that I enjoy. It also helps me clear my head and I feel like I am respecting my body by trying to keep myself strong.

I now want to be more kind, and non-judgemental to others. I want to empower and support women. I don't  compare myself because we are all on different journeys. My goal is to be patient, kind, listen more and gentle with other women when I interact with them."

Incredible right?

I want this for you too.
Think about joining me 1:1 to do the work.

A different way of living is only a few months away.