This Summer! A FREE 8 Week Food and Body Image Challenge

Hi! How are you?
Are you frantically wrapping up one of the busiest months of the year (and also about to turn 40!!!), just like me?!
If so, you are likely very much ready for two months of slower days and shorter to-do lists - time to lounge beside bodies of water and socialize over barbequed food products + cold bevvies.

That said, slowing down to recover, be present, and to enjoy can be uncomfortable. Just this week on the podcast I explored the topic of "Healthy Effort" - how we've gotten so used to fast paced everything and striving to the point of obsession (with our bodies and many things) that any kind of break or effort can feel terrible - like laziness or giving up.

But guess what? That's EXACTLY what I'm going to push you to do this summer....

Introducing: The Summer #foodforthought Challenge!
For 8 weeks, starting July 4th, I'll be using this newsletter space to prompt you to look at some aspect of your relationship with food and body in a different and deeper way.

Many of you have followed me in my newsletters, podcasts, articles, and social media for've absorbed the content and now it's time to see how far you've come!
These 8 weeks will be all about slowing down, taking a good look at how you approach food, your body, and health - and figuring out what needs to happen next if you are to get to place of ultimate freedom, peace, and ease!!!

It'll be light. It'll be fun. It'll be 100% gluten free and ....DUN! DUN! DUNNNN!..... 100% focused on YOU.

The challenge runs July 4th-August 22nd (though you can sign up anytime!)

See you in there!
XO Jill

P.S. Are you interested in having your relationship with food and body properly assessed? Book in for HOW TO EAT session today!