beauty, redefined


Week 1

We don't need to fix ourselves. We do need to start seeing ourselves differently - and that takes practice.

CLICK HERE to dig in to this week's content!

Week 2

This week we are digging deeper into the bigger ways beauty can be important - pushing ourselves to redefine what beauty is and what place it has in the priorities of our lives. This is a personal exploration with no single answer. CLICK HERE for content.

Week 3

This week we get into the REAL DEAL. Stuff I've wanted to explore and teach for awhile but haven't because of a few misconceptions about the work. Videos, an article, a journal exercise, and activities for the week are HERE.

Week 4

Our Q&A with some live coaching is HERE. It was so much fun to do. I felt frustrated by the tech issues but I hope you can get through them to watch because it was a great - super informative - chat and I'll work so next month is better! XO Jill  CLICK HERE.