This Week's Activities!

Not sure if activities is the right word?? Ah well, I'm going for it:)

Each week of this month I'm going to challenge you to do 3-5 activities to increase your ability to see beauty in yourself and others, to feel beautiful, to experiment with beauty, to try new forms of beauty on for size.

Try what you want and leave the rest!!!

You can find prompts for these activities every day in our Facebook Group and you can jump in, post pics, comment, etc OR feel free to post of your own social media (#thecollective, @foodfreedombodylove) OR post in the comments below this post! I'd love to see what you are doing:) video image yet???

1. GET EXCITED!!! Remember that feeling you used to get - the flutter in your tummy, the glow, the surge of energy - when you were first falling in love, or going out on a Friday night, or having a first kiss, .......or starting a new diet??? Remember how beautiful and magnetic you felt in that state?? Welp, I want you to find that feeling again - without the diet/restriction/Tinder hell. Ha! Make a desire board - on your wall or on Pinterest that holds all the thing that make you feel ALIVE!!!! Take your time with this, it doesn't have to be perfectly done over night. Allow yourself time to play around with it.

2. Find the beauty - Start to look for beauty n the smallest and most unusual of places. Look for the beauty in YOU too. Keep a small list (I have one in my phone) that tracks the beautiful moments I find everyday....

3. Post a picture of your make-up and filter free face. Bonus points if you find a moment when you are feeling beautiful and take the pic then. I want to see YOU!

4. Go out and buy yourself one beautiful beauty product. I don't care what it is - skincare, make-up, hair care. Cheap, expensive, whatever. Just something that you've been wanting or to scared to try. I'm going to FINALLY find a bright colour of lipstick that suits me and actually wear it out in public!! GAH!!!!! I'm terrified just writing it!!!

5. Buy yourself some fresh flowers for your home. A little bit of instant beauty!