Beauty, Redefined - Week 3 (Video)

Week 3 - and I'm talking about a topic I almost don't have the words's interesting to bring up a fairly new topic - one I have been deeply invested in but haven't TAUGHT. I have a few reasons why I haven't taught this stuff and I'm so eager to hear what you think and have you weigh in!!!! Watch and let me know ASAP! XO Jill

Article on why the pursuit of beauty and the erotic is a well of energy!! READ HERE

PS Audio didn't work!! Some weird glitch:( Back with audio next week!

This Week's Activities!!!! (Video and Instructions:)

This week's activities are FUUUUNNNNN!!!!!! But, to be perfectly honest, the only one I really, really want you to do is the journaling exercise. So get in there. Don't let me down!!!!

I really can't even with these vid pics....

Activities for Week 3:

1. Journal about your body/food desires and the deep beliefs beneath those desires (ie how hard to do you believe this had to be??): Take a pieces of paper and draw a line down the paper. On the left hand side write a food/body desire - the way you wish things could be (NOTE! the only thing off the list is the desire to have a very specific weight - this will just TRIP YOU UP!!!) instead: you could write - a graceful, desirable body OR a strong, healthy body  OR MY best body, the feels amazing, and I get it, right? You can also write a desire that reflects how you want your relationship with food or exercise to be. THEN, on the right side of the paper, I want you to write out ALL the beliefs you have about the desire on the left - is it possible? How is it possible? Will it be hard? Why? Are you limited by something? Get it allllll down.

2. Find a signature scent: we are working to create a sensual life, a life that appeals to ALL the sense - I love essential oil blends as perfume but you can pick anything you want. Just careful wearing synthetic perfumes in fragrance-free zones!

3 Movement: I want you to experiment with moving your body - do something new, push the edge of your comfort zone, get out in the sunshine and MOVE!!!

4. Take a pic of your full (CLOTHED! HA!) body: we've allready done make-up free faces....let's ZOOM out and get your full body IN. This will be extremely uncomfortable for most - that's okay - we gain confidence by DOING. Be brave. Post in the private facebook page and see how it feels:)

5. Full moon bath ritual: