LIVE Q&A and Coaching:)

Well THAT was an adventure!!!
I just finished the LIVE Q&A with some coaching and we had a few technical issues - including the moment my photo got too hot to function (WHAT?! Has this ever happened to anyone) and I had to ice-pack it and then restart the live BUT, if you can ignore the tech snafoos and don't mind clicking play on two videos, instead of one, you're gonna get some JUICY STUFF.

In the live I cover a bit of the "science" behind vibration vs effort, why we don't need to try harder we need to try DIFFERENT, and how to start shifting our vibration incrementally so that we:
a. find the RIGHT actions to take and
b. so those actions have exponential effects.

I realllllly loved the chat today and YOUR homework is going to be the same as the homework I give Leslie at the end of the live coaching:

1. Do the homework from last week: write down the desires you have for your body, your relationship with body and food, beauty, etc. Then, in a separate column beside those desires, write down all of your truest beliefs about the desire - how hard it will be to get there, what actions you have to take, what will happen when you are there, etc.

2. IF you find that your deep beliefs are limiting/restricted/make you feel anxious or bad - hash out a new thought that feels LIKE RELIEF (watch the video for more info on this!). Move yourself UP the emotional/frequency ladder so you feel better and find new inspired action and solutions.