🎤 100% Healthy-ish, Baby!

body mind & soul podcast Nov 01, 2022

IT'S TIME!!! A huge shift is happening in my work and life... and in the world. I'm craving - and I think you are too - a new, FUN, hopeful, inspiring approach to a version of health that you actually WANT to care about and show up for. 

No more heavy, divisive, do-it-my-way or else approaches to taking care of yourself. 

The podcast has shifted from The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast to 100% Healthy-ish and we're going to blow the health conversation wide open. We're  gonna look at ALL aspects of your life, knowing that what connects you to how you want to feel in your body (and what makes the process FUN) is what's actually going to make you healthy.


In this episode:

  • why, even with all of the progress that we have made in terms of ditching diet, culture messaging and external expectations about our bodies, there still seems to be something missing
  • the two biggest issues I see in the current approach to health and wellness
  • why we need to push SO FAR beyond the basics of food and movement (even if the approach is intuitive!)
  • the problem with the word HEALTH and why 100% HEALTHY-ISH is the new destination!!
  • sensuality as a framework for being healthy-ish

Be sure to download your copy of the Holiday Healthy-ish Starter Guide NOW: https://www.foodfreedombodylove.com/healthyishstarterguide