🎤2023 Tarot Forecast - with Megan Hamilton

mind & soul podcast Jan 03, 2023



Happy New Year! So grateful that you're here, tuning in, and prepping for 2023 in the Healthy-ish-est way possible! Today I'm chatting with Megan Hamilton - a speaking, visibility, and confidence coach who also happens to be a master of the Tarot and shadow work. We thought it'd be fun to use tarot cards to forecast the new year and chat about the work ahead of us and we strike out on the adventure of a new year!


In this episode:

you'll learn how to find YOUR personal numerological Major Arcana card for the year (THINK: BIG THEME!)

here the past, present, and future predictions for us all

lean about the "shadow card" - the space between where we are now and where we're going to be as it relates to the challenges and work of the year

and morrrre!


You're gonna loves this super fun and insightful episode.




Megan Hamilton is a speaking, visibility and confidence coach for women and nonbinary people. She used her classical theatre training and 25+ years of performance to create a step by step speaking system that not only allows you to deliver incredible speeches and presentations, but also provides you with a framework to have difficult conversations, build your confidence and increase your visibility. She uses shadow work to help you tune in to your intuition and discover the root of what contributes to fear. She's the Speaker Advisor at TEDx Queen's U and can be found online at www.ubuskills.com. She's also a musician, has recorded 5 albums of original music and has toured across Canada from Newfoundland to BC, as well as into the US.



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