I have a little secret...

Jan 27, 2022

Well, hello there. 
I see you're here for some gossip - and I respect that. 

I've been keeping a wee little secret from you - but also from myself - because I have some exciting things on the horizon and I've been more than a bit skeptical about the emotion we call 'excitement'. The past two years have been a near constant exercise in managing expectations and disappointment and I'm wary of shouting our big plans from the rooftops too many times in case we accidentally incite a reverse Beetlejuice (i.e. the thing disappears instead of appears).

So here it is: 
We're taking a sabbatical. 
Or, more accurately, a gorgeous teeny nugget of sabbatical. 

We've known that my husband was up for year off for a little while now but the pandemic hit and any plans were put on hold. Then, last February, we were forced (by bureaucracy and deadlines) to decide whether to apply for this year or not. Nervously, we decided to go for it. 

The biggest push was Winnie, our eldest daughter. She starts high school next year and we couldn't resist this last chance to steal her away, easily. 

We knew that Covid would make things hard so, instead of applying for 12 months, we applied for 4.
And then we waited, with bated breath to see how things around the world might go...

It's not all fully clear or 100% set in stone but we're feeling good. 
I understand that not everyone feels the same way - but based on stats and the opinions of very informed medical family and friends - we're of the belief that it's time to start living with this virus. Of treating it as endemic and moving respectfully through the world and our lives again. 

A few weeks ago we booked plane tickets and started renting Air BnBs. 
The sabbatical officially started early this month but we've planned to go away for March and April.
Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia..and then London (the love of our life) for a whole MONTH. 
Maybe, if we're really lucky, we'll also do a little backpacking adventure before heading home. 
In London, we're staying between Hampstead Heath, Camden Town, and Primrose Hill and I hope to swim in the Kenwood Ladies Bathing pond, play tennis, go to museums, and eat chips with mayo.

I could cry from (nervous, wary) excitement. 

I'll be working. The Juicy Body Blueprint is in full swing and enrolment is ongoing (you can jump in ANYTIME - but the bonuses change - right now it's a 10-Day Intuitive Eating course AND a masterclass on Hormones and Your Body! Only available for a few more days).
Jamie will need to do some research. 
The kids will have bits and pieces of school work. 

We'll have a whole boatload of TIME together which is, as we've well-learned, the most precious commodity on earth. 

Until then, I'll be planning my capsule wardrobe and practicing my Spanish on Duolingo. Interestingly, travel brings up lots of food and body stuff - so I'll be writing about that too. 

I hope you'll come along for the ride.

PS wanna work together?? This is it!
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