🎤 Reclaiming YOUR beauty.

beauty clothing podcast space & place Nov 08, 2022

This episodes kicks off with a Jen Hatmaker post about tartines - that's right, the fancy toast that inspired a 30 minute conversation. Today, I'm talking with Meghan - a longtime client, who's journey to healthy-ish was SERIOUSLY up-leveled when she began to invite beauty back into her life. After years of shedding old stories about food, weight, and bodies Meghan found herself ready for MORE and boy did it show - on her Instagram feed and in her voice on today's show.


We're talking about:

  • the tartines, of course
  • how healhty-ish is much more than just food and clothing size - it's about feeling good in your whole life
  • how intuitive eating helps you figure out what you like and don't like in all areas
  • finding your personal style and getting IN the damn pics
  • reclaiming self and self-worth via beauty
  • nose rings and 90s music

Get in there!

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