🎤An intimate look at Healthy-ish - with Pam Fountas

body healthy-ish hack mind & soul podcast Dec 27, 2022

A vulnerable conversation between two friends who've been on the journey to healthy-ish for 20+ years, each in their own way, with their owns wins and epic fails.


In this conversation we cover everything from:

where our healthy-ish journeys began

big bumps in the road - including eating disorders and a bad case of stress-induced gastritis

times when we thought we had "it" (healthy-ish, that is) but absolutely didn’t

the struggles in "healthy-ish" dating

visibility - why it SO HARD?!

exploring intuitive...intermittent fasting?? Yikes. But also, for real. Hear us out.

wtf does our space have to do with our healthy-ish?

how stepping into who you already are is your next step:)


You can find Pam at: https://www.pamfountas.com/



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