🎤 Why clothes matter SO much..and not at all - with Dacy Gillespie

body clothing podcast Nov 15, 2022

Big, huge, arms wide open welcome to Dacy Gillespie of The Mindful Closet! Today we're chatting about all things clothes, style, and why it's so damn hard to feel okay about how your body looks in clothing. WHY?!?!


In this episode:

  • the thing you HAVE to do before you can begin to feel good in your clothes
  • finding your style NOW
  • reconnecting with PLAY
  • asking the question: is it really great style? Or just thinness?
  • an exercise that'll help you release harsh judgement and figure out if you like the clothes on your body
  • What's the LEAST you can do and still get the benefit?
  • The take-out food that's 100% part of Dacy's healthy-ish plan

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Find Dacy here: https://www.instagram.com/mindfulcloset/