🎤 Healthy-ish Hack: No Sugar "COAT"ing this one!

body clothing healthy-ish hack podcast Dec 08, 2022
Do you eye-roll at the idea of bringing more sensuality in to your day to day life?
A tangible way to connect to your body and physical experience of the world - even when (especially when!) you're in the SLOG
Infusing sensuality in your day to day rhythms and routines
How a winter coat saved me
And.. a challenge for you!
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Healthy-ish Hacks: ideas, concepts, new ways of thinking and, yes, HACKS that are designed to shake up the external programming stuck in your brain and open the doors to all new, HEALTHY-ISH possibilities. Today we're talking about WINTER COATS. And, as always, the much bigger idea that a gorgeous, well-fitting, warm AF winter coat represents...

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