I've got the t-shirt to prove it.

Jul 28, 2022

5 years ago I bought a shirt with the word ‘SANTOSHA’ on it.

I told everyone that it meant embracing the paradox of “both/and” (over the “tyranny of the “or” - a term from Jim Collins).

It’s the foundation of the work I do and it was fun to wear a shirt with my ethos printed in big block letters on the front. 

But then I looked up the word Santosha a couple of years ago I realized I’d been lying to everyone I work with for three years. *awkward laugh* Oops.

What santosha really means is: accepting and appreciating what we have and what we are already, and moving forwards from there.

Not a bad back-up ethos.

I think I’ll keep it.

But back to BOTH/AND…

The words intentional and intuitive seem contradictory to me.

Intentional conjures images of effort, planning, and direction


Intuitive feels like presence, ease, and flow.


It could be easy to get stuck in the belief that you can be either intentional OR intuitive*. That the two are at odds. 

But I want to “santosha” this:)

A joyful, pleasurable, nourishing, and soul-filling relationship with food requires BOTH - intention and intuition. 

Just like YES and NO go hand in hand when it comes to making food choices - so too do intentional and intuitive.

We put in effort... so things can flow

We find our easeful connection... so that we can make choices that are the most beneficial for our bodies, ensuring our efforts are directed to the right things.

My 5-step framework for Intentional Intuitive Eating relies on BOTH and outlines a plan for working with the paradox of intention and intuition.

  1. Learn to spot diet culture in all it’s various forms - and learn to separate your bigger truer health needs - from your desire to be a certain weight.
  2. Cultivate body neutrality and respect.
  3. Understand the fundamental principles of internally led eating
  4. Get to know yourself… and your cyclical nature (cycles of the day, month, year, season) and commit to the never ending process of growth, challenges, and expansion.
  5. Tap into your sensuality - your ability to experience pleasure IN your body - and allow it to be your guidance system.

I have a very big system for working through each of these steps and I cover a ton of it in the Juicy Body Blueprint. You can join us anytime but know that the program and process will be undergoing a MAJOR transformation and expansion through the month of August - I couldn't be more excited to grow this already incredible program.

In the meantime, I'll plug away at getting this framework fleshed out in my Intentional Intuitive Eating e-book and, while I intended to keep it for my Juicy Body Blueprint members only, I'm going to offer for sale for those who've been following along and are interested.

You deserve to enjoy the skin you're in - to feel good, to have fun in your body and to be nourished by food. This ebook will set you on the right path and provide you with all the steps you need to eat beautifully.

Stay tuned!