How do you feel about intermittent fasting?

What about carbs? Is it a diet if I decide to reduce carb intake?

These are my favourite kinds of questions. The ones that challenge me to explore and explain the complexity and nuance of intuitive eating. 

I'm currently fleshing out a small ebook on the topic but - if you're interested - I thought it could be fun to dig into the basics right here, in your inbox.

This is what I propose: a 4-part series on what it means to be intuitive and intentional.

The first three emails will be focused on my biggest intuitive eating (can we shorten it to IE from this point on??) pet peeves and how certain assumptions about IE will keep you from your fullest, free-est, potential.

You can send in questions or comments as we go and the fourth email will be dedicated to you - where you feel challenged and how I can best tie this work up with a shiny, 6-inch, 7-step, red ribbon curl.

Sounds good, ? Lovely.

I'll see you back here with part one next week. But first, I just wanna say...

...on the spectrum of dieting to intentional IE, we'll be jumping in at the far end of healed. If you're new to this work, you're going to need to bump your way along this span of eating experience slowly. No need to rush to intentional. 
It's fine to be unconscious and then aware and then messy and unsure, and kind of getting it but still eating far too much brownie batter than could ever possibly be considered "good" for a human being.

These are all important steps on the way to intentional.

That said, you can still follow along and take this in! Knowing what the ultimate outcome *might* look like, can help you stay on track and inspired when you're in the thick of the mess.

Have a wonderful weekend! We have some very special, old friends from the east coast coming on Sunday and I'm currently looking out my office door onto our upstairs that's been ripped apart for renovation - with far too many boxes and inches of dust and far too few walls and toilets.

SO, I'm gonna go deal with that *cringe face* and I'll be back next week to chat about ease, effort, and why IE isn't hippy bullsh&t*.

See ya then!



*Even though I love hippy bullsh&t. I'm the QUEEN of hippy bullsh&t:)

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