Intentional Intuitive Eating III: you love to diet. Let me explain...

Jul 21, 2022

You love a diet. 

Even if you don't love a diet, there are things about a diet that you love. 

An oversimplified theory that feels like magic, 12 steps, food lists and meal plans, eat this and don’t eat that colour-coded infographics, things you can count/track/measure… my own brain gets all litty* just thinking about it.

Believe it or not - one of the main reasons people love intuitive eating when they first find it (and one of the biggest criticisms of it) is that it’s set up like a diet. 

There are steps.

Things to check-off a list. 

A process that’s laid out fairly clearly.

This is helpful for your diet trained brain who’d rather eat those weird Isagenix pellet snacks than deal with any kind of ambiguity. 

Your diet culture brain's favourite thought traps:

  • Perfectionism
  • Absolutism
  • All-or-nothing thinking
  • Restrictive thoughts 
  • Rigidity
  • Reductiveness
  • …and basically just losing the forest for the trees over and over again.

In order to become INTENTIONAL with your intuitive eating you’re going to need to challenge these distracting thoughts patterns with food AND in allllll areas of your life. 

Bring on Myth #3 - the last of the large misconceptions I want to dispel before we can even THINK about Intentional Intuitive Eating. 

Here we go, myth #3:

You can eat intuitively in a 'perfect' way - where you make all the right food choices and your physical body always feels 100%

I’ve never heard anyone say aloud that they’re frustrated that they can’t be perfect at Intuitive Eating but the feeling is there and it comes out every time a woman describes to me all the ways she clearly isn’t intuitive because she chose the wrong food ‘here’ and too much over ‘there’ and wasn’t tuned in to her body on ‘this’ day. 

Let me ask you this:

Are you 100% intuitive at your job - all zen, omniscient, and buddha-like?

Are you 100% intuitive in your relationships - calm, measured, never triggered and clear?

Are you 100% intuitive in your parenting - big picture thinking, seeing all the factors at play, never getting caught up in a “because I said so!!!” and “when I was younger….!!!” fits of rage?

What was that?

What did you say?

Was that a quiet ‘no’ I just saw you choke-out out of the corner of your mouth?? lol

Well of course you aren’t! Because you’re a HUMAN. 

Humans aren’t 100% intuitive at annnnnyyyyyyythingggggggg.

It never ceases to amaze me though how every misstep (if we can even call it that) with food becomes “proof” for the person I’m working with that they just can’t get it. That it’s a lost cause, that it’s all falling apart and always will do. 

Perfectionism gets in the way of your ability to be intentional.

But when we break down these myths and we're without the expectation that we need to be perfect, when we stop assuming that this whole process will be effortless and natural, and when we really get that we need to embrace our YES so we can find our NO - I think we might just be ready to move forward with Intentional Intuitive Eating. 

Whaddya say?

You ready?

Meet me back here next week for my 5 step** framework for Intentional Intuitive Eating!




**look at me, appealing to that diet culture brain...but not to worry. All of my work is crafted to take you comfortably from a plan - to NO plan.

Or, more specifically to a highly-tailored, imperfect, flexible, eff-balance because this is LIFE, kind of health plan. Just stick with me!