🎤 Is Bougie Bad? - with Erica Reitman

clothing lifestyle mind & soul podcast space & place Nov 22, 2022

Today we're getting VUL-NER-ABLE. I'm sharing some big hesitations and blocks I had about my 100% Healthy-ish framework! What would everyone think? Would they hate me for being a big bougie consumerist B? Erica, 50% of the Icon Agency and my biz coach extraordinaire, helped me work my way through it and she's here to talk me through it - once again - on today's episode. 


In this episode:

  • disrupting an industry
  • why having a biz coach, who's also your ideal client, is a HUGE bonus:)
  • when something isn't working - we have to take a step back and ask why? No one is really offering up new solutions but 100% Healthy-ish IS!
  • How vintage dishes and flea market finds might help you eat salad
  • bougie just means special and elevated
  • allowing what makes you feel special and elevated to lead you to an incredible version of yourself
  • how to bring a little bougie into your life, today

Grab your Healthy-ish Starter Guide HERE: https://www.foodfreedombodylove.com/healthyishstarterguide

Find Erica here: https://www.instagram.com/ericareitman/