🎤 Parasites & Purpose: Looking at health through the lens of the sacred - with Sarah Jenks

body podcast Dec 13, 2022

Wowza! Today we are diving RIGHT ON IN to the healthy-ish conversation. Hearing Sarah Jenks' health, body, food, and weight story - where she's been stuck and where she's found solutions - is BIG. Some of it will feel all too relatable! Some of it may poke into spaces you've been avoiding. All of it will get you thinking - and that's really the goal.


In this episode, we chat about all things, including:
a childhood of dieting
when body positivity becomes body ignoring
headaches and exhaustion all day, as the norm
a health crisis
turning a lyme diagnosis and complete heart block into a process of self-exploration and healing
why how you feel in your body and how your body functions is SO important
resistance to healing
when rejection and rebelliousness toward diet culture just becomes a rejection and rebellion against ourselves
how do we disconnect from the cultural ideal as we find our best, healthiest weight/body? We BEGIN this very important conversation.
why being rigid is NOT sexy
looking at food but also looking at how we approach alcohol
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