🎤 Sensuality as Self-Care 101 - with Katrina Marie

body podcast sensuality cycles Dec 06, 2022

Well that was F%&ing fun!!! This was a re-recording. We recorded the initial episode a little less than a week ago and then Katrina, of My Orgasmic Life, reached out to say "Hey, that wasn't my best. Can we do it again?!" ... to which I replied, ABSOLUTELY. Healthy-ish work is about connecting to process and trusting that when you're enjoying yourself and doing what feels good that the outcome will be the best possible outcome ...and I wanted to follow that process here on the podcast - giving Katrina and I time to re-record in order to give you the best show possible. High fives to that!


In this episode we talk about:

process and who we used to be (ie Jill was a type-A, box ticker, not an enjoyer)
being a boundary bitch, specifically when it comes to your body (script to use with your grandma included!)
pleasure anxiety - what it is and how it gets in the way
sexual storytelling
the parallels between sex, food and money
how to be sensual in a world that's demanding and exhausting
breaking down societal norms... and then reclaiming what you love
both of our current, favourite, sensuality practices
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