intuitive eating & body image FOR KIDS!

the foundational information you need to teach your children how to be competent eaters - with the ability to manage food, weight, & health successfully for the rest of their lives.

What to Expect:

A series of 5 podcasts that will introduce you to the concept of Intuitive Eating for kids, the Ellyn Satter Feeding Competency Model, and will address common misconceptions, objections, and mistakes made when implementing this feeding model. Jill presents a combination of research, clinical experience, and anecdotal evidence in this easy-to-listen-to series. Tune in HERE.

  • EPISODE 1: Competent Eaters. The skills and structure you need to raise competent eaters. We’ll discuss Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility, why we want to raise competent (not healthy!) eaters, and the research on long term outcomes with regards to food management, weight, and health. This is the foundational theory you’ll need to move forward. Listen HERE.

  • EPISODE 2: Obstacles, Resistance & Nutrition: What about picky eaters? Compulsive eaters? WHAT ABOUT HEALTH?! We’ll trouble shoot common parental worries and discuss why HOW you feed your children is ultimately more important than WHAT you feed them. Listen HERE.

  • EPISODE 3: Understand Appetite, Weight, and How to Help your Child Without Harming. This is a BIG one. The majority of methods for helping children “manage their weight” actually backfire - resulting in children with more food issues, body image issues, and higher weights. So what to do? How can we help our children without interfering with their normal physiological processes? Listen HERE.

  • EPISODE 4: Body Talk. Learn how to talk to your children about their bodies, other bodies, and foster a sense of body confidence in your children - even while living in a thin-is-best, diet culture! Listen HERE.

  • EPISODE 5: Permission & Discipline. The key concepts you need to master in order to feed your healthy family and raise body confident, competent eaters. Here we take the theory and turn it into practical strategies you can get started with today! Listen HERE.


Hosted by:

Dr. Jillian Murphy, ND - creator of The Food Freedom/Body Love Method for women, naturopath, and body image/intuitive eating coach. Read more about Jillian HERE.