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Week 1

Dive in to the first 7 concepts of Intuitive Eating, a meditative process for intuitive eating and the intro video/audio for the month!

CLICK HERE to get going.

Week 2

Roadblocks and resistance - this week we finish up the 10 key concepts in Intuitive Eating and start to hone in on where we are struggling. The solutions won't all come clear immediately but being aware of where you get stuck is a first BIG step in the right direction! CLICK HERE for content. 

Week 3

What is The Intuition? Where does it live? How can we better communicate with it? This week is all about strengthening our connection to our inner intuitive voice and using it to help better direct our food choices and deepen our understanding about WHY we struggle with food and body. CLICK HERE for content!

Week 4

Wrapping the month up with a small journal exercise and a video of Q&As and some BIG ideas that will be rolling out in the collective in coming months. CLICK HERE for content:)