Day 1 - Reject Diet Mentality

It's day one and you've opened this first post! Hooray!!!!
Today we are gonna have a quick chat about dieting and why it's ruining your life (all drama intended).

Until you get out of diet mentality it will be darn near impossible to eat intuitively because, as I yelled in my welcome email, dieting DISCONNECTS you from your body - and Intuitive Eating REQUIRES that you connect with your body and trust the information you receive.

So, how to start?
How do you go from pretending your body is a programmable fembot that you can just set to "Paleo" or "low fat" or "liquids only"...... to understanding that you are a real-life human woman with changeable needs?

You start by identifying the problem.
And that problem, my friend, is called DIETING.


Day 1 - Reject Diet Mentality

What is dieting?

  • it's a frame of mind NOT an action
  • it is the belief that you can and should be using food to control your weight and/or health. Within the mindset you are either good (when you're on the program) OR bad (when you aren't). You're on the wagon/off the wagon, in control/out of control, healthy/unhealthy. It's an all or nothing ghost town and you need to catch the first bus OUTTA THERE.
  • This mindset isn't just about Jenny Craig, or Weight Watchers, or The can be applied to any form of eating - even those plans/ideals touted as "healthy lifestyle changes".
  • The main thing: if you want to start eating intuitively you'll need to stop considering weight/health/food in such a black and white way,

Even if only for the 10 days of this crash course...there is no more good or bad, right or wrong, there is only what you feel in your body. We are fearless explorers in the country of Switzerland where all is neutral and the cheese is good.

Last thing:
In order to really reject diet mentality you are going to have to understand (and try to absorb) the fact that DIETS DON'T WORK. As long as you believe that every morsel of food you put in your mouth dictates your weight, you will not be able to stop this mentality and start eating intuitively. You just can't.

I don't have time to get into all of the science in this crash course but know this: Diet's fail for 90-95% of people, long term. That is the ONLY thing we know for sure about dieting.

Diets fail for a reason: hyper-controlling food breaks your internal thermostat (the mechanism that regulates your weight and appetite effortlessly) and, at the end of a diet, most women are left completely disconnected from their bodies with a HIGHER SET POINT and an appetite/cravings that feel out of control.

This is the damage of dieting.

Did you hear that, missy???
Shall I scream it into your good ear?
If you keep dieting your weight WILL GO UP and you will feel increasingly out of control.
That is a fact.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 1.11.17 PM.png

Your Homework for today:

  • Make a VOW to stop dieting. To stop reading books and magazines and listening to friends tell you how you should eat. Commit to figuring out what YOUR body wants and needs. Feel free to get a bit mad about the lies you've been sold - after all - you'd never be in this place with food if you hadn't been TAUGHT to diet.
  • Be on the lookout for DIET MENTALITY. The idea here is that you start to recognize how much of your day is spent in a battle with food and your body. SO many women think that they "don't diet" because they aren't on South Beach or Atkins...but diet mentality reaches so much further into our food habits than just a specific plan.
  • Watch for thoughts around food control: when you should/shouldn't eat, how much you should/shouldn't eat, trying to compensate for eating with excessive exercise or more food control. Comparing and competing with the food intake of those around you.
  • Write your thoughts down and start to challenge those thoughts.

Can't wait to see your AHAs! and your OhNOs!!!


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