Challenging Bad Body & Food Thoughts (Worksheet)

One of the hardest things to do - in the intuitive eating, body acceptance world - is to acknowledge that our feelings and thoughts ARE NOT FACTS. As long as we continue to buy into the stories we are telling about food, weight, body, and health we stay stuck in the behaviours that are born of those let's interrupt the pattern.

Use the work sheet below to keep track of bad food/body thoughts as you have them (you don't need the sheet! You could use a journal or note app in your phone if that's better for you!) and then, when you have a minute, take some time to CHALLENGE the thoughts.

You will not likely have ALLLLLL the answers at the tips of your fingers. If you've done work with me in the past, you can pull on that information. If you have not - try tappin into your intuition. Ask your intuition how you could see things differently. Ask your intuition what is WRONG with the thoughts.....see what comes up. Also know, that we will touch on how to manage these thoughts as we work through the monthly themes - and you can absolutely ask questions at this month's Q&A!!!