Week 4 Q&A (Video)

This is it! A small recap, some questions, where we are headed next and what I believe is the CORE message for this Collective (and how I'm still figuring it all out WITH you:) Ha!

ALSO, there is the possibility of LIVE coaching next, if it interests you. Watch and find out how it will work!

See you next Monday for Beauty, Redefined!!!

End of Month Recap (Journal Exercise)

It's been a busy month and, as this month is really about getting quiet and making space for the intuition to speak, I'm going to make pull from a Facebook group post I made last week to create our recap. It's a simple Q&A with your intuition. Sit and see what answers come to you:


With your journal and a pen, take a few breaths, sink into a quiet meditative place and ask your intuition some/all of the following questions:

  • What is intuitive eating, to me?
  • When it comes to intuitive eating, what do I expect to be easy?
  • What do I expect to be hard?
  • Why do I feel resistant to ________?

More generally:

  • What is the universe flowing to me right now?
  • What do I most need to know in this moment?
  • How can I see this (food? Body? other?) differently?
  • What would you have me say? Do?
  • What is the lesson here?
  • Tell me more...

Stay away from yes/no questions (mostly) and always ask for clarification on things you don't understand!!!! PLEASE comment below to let me know the answers you get!