End of Month Recap (Journal Exercise)

It's been a busy month and, as this month is really about getting quiet and making space for the intuition to speak, I'm going to make pull from a Facebook group post I made last week to create our recap. It's a simple Q&A with your intuition. Sit and see what answers come to you:


With your journal and a pen, take a few breaths, sink into a quiet meditative place and ask your intuition some/all of the following questions:

  • What is intuitive eating, to me?
  • When it comes to intuitive eating, what do I expect to be easy?
  • What do I expect to be hard?
  • Why do I feel resistant to ________?

More generally:

  • What is the universe flowing to me right now?
  • What do I most need to know in this moment?
  • How can I see this (food? Body? other?) differently?
  • What would you have me say? Do?
  • What is the lesson here?
  • Tell me more...

Stay away from yes/no questions (mostly) and always ask for clarification on things you don't understand!!!! PLEASE comment below to let me know the answers you get!