radiant body

glowing from the inside, out



Welcome you little eager beaver! To get you thinking about your radiant body - past and present, here's a little questionnaire I'd love for you to complete:)

CLICK HERE for the questionnaire!

A Radiant Body - an overview

A PDF of the 4 steps to cultivating radiance from the inside, out....through FEASTING!!! WHAT?!?!

CLICK HERE to get it!


Week 1

Intro video, "fill yourself with radiance" visualization, and a handout to help you FEAST on food and Beauty.


Week 2

A conversation about what Feasting on Food is/isn't, info about the week ahead, "meet your radiance" AND "activate your radiance" visualizations, and a handout with a prompt on how to release what may be holding back your radiance. It's a JUICY week!!! CLICK HERE

Week 3

We are DIGGING in to some new and super interesting concepts around external and internal power and how the issues we have with food and body image can be THE portal to our greatest growth and evolution. CLICK HERE.

Week 4

This week was designed for catching up, sinking deeper into the material, and getting your questions answered via the LIVE Q&A happening on Monday May 7th at noon in our Facebook Group. Can't make it? No problem. The video will be added to this week's content later today. CLICK HERE for this week!