Meet Your Radiance

Stick with me here:) This visualization might feel a bit...ummmm, weird?

We are going to go into our bodies and find out where our radiance lives. We are going to TALK to our radiance and ask it what it needs. After completing this visualization, pop down to the bottom of this week's content to find a second visualization that will help you create a short meditation designed to feed YOUR UNIQUE RADIANCE.

Small Kindness....


Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 1.40.57 PM.png

First, because the article actually makes me FEEL joyful but, second, because I think it's a great reminder that we can cultivate joy through helping others: small kindnesses, connection, an genuine compliment, lending a helping hand. Read it and tell me you don't feel JOY from this little article:)


CLICK HERE to read.

Activate Your Radiance

Once you've done the "Meet Your Radiance" visualization and feel you've gathered information about where your radiance lives and what it needs....use this visualization to establish a short but powerful meditation for the rest of the month.

Feel free to combine this visualization with the one from last week or mix it up. The main thing is to engage with your radiance and actively work to ACTIVATE that radiance from the inside out - in whatever way feels best for you!!!