Radiant Body - Week 3 Video

This video is a little longer.....I check in with you re: FEASTING on Food and how feasting on Beauty, Feeling, and Joy helps to support our ability to feast consciously on Food. I chat about how growing our Radiant Body changes our energy and the way we show up in the world - changing the way the world reacts to us!

AND THEN, I start a conversation that is new to this group but also to me! It's the foundation underlying the changes I've made with food and my body (and work, relationships, parenting, etc....) and it's fundamental to the work I do in The food Freedom/Body Love Method but I rarely talk about it like THIS. It's a conversation about the difference between living with the goal to harness external power vs living from a place of internal power. Again, it's a bit long but it's SO important. Head into the Facebook group to comment, ask questions to add to the conversation!!! Alternatively, you can comment below.  So excited to hear what you think!