In just 8 weeks, I'll teach you to shrug off the dated beliefs about weight, bodies, health and food that keep you and your patients/clients stuck - filled with body shame and guilt about your inability to live up to the health & wellness standards that you set AND sell everyday!


Even if you have no idea how or where to start, my highly-acclaimed program will teach you how to up-level from old ideologies, that push weight control and food restriction, to a practice founded in trust and respect.


The most harmful myth to persist in the health and wellness field is...


that you can’t possibly help someone improve their health without focusing on weight loss and food restriction.

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For centuries - health has been inappropriately defined by one kind of body. And, more recently, highly dogmatic and complicated ways of eating have also come to represent wellness.


Unfortunately, these beliefs aren't helping people get smaller or healthier.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

an 8 week intensive that will:

  • teach you how and why you need to shift your health philosophy
  • explore current research on weight, health, and trust based eating models - and how to TEACH these concepts to those you work with
  • provide you with practical tools and strategies you can use NOW
  • answer your questions on how to integrate this work into your current practice (and how to explain it to your colleagues!)
  •  cement and streamline your workflow and commitment to REDEFINING health
  • help you find a community of practitioners committed to practicing from the same perspective you do
  • and SO much more!


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Don’t believe me yet?

I was a general naturopath for 7 years before I shifted my focus from food restriction and weight control to TRUST. I worked with every food elimination and weight management strategy under the sun - and it was SO FRUSTRATING. People weren't losing weight, they were becoming more and more obsessed with food, unhappy with their bodies, and even when health improved - I worried about the long-term side effects of restrictive eating and expensive, complicated regimes.

Not only that, but the version of health and wellness I was selling was impacting ME, on a personal level. 

It made me feel like my body and food needed to be a certain way before I could help others.

I felt shame about my body and my grocery cart. I felt like I needed to constantly hide pieces of myself that didn't fit the mold.

Trying to uphold this narrative about health made me feel like an imposter and - irony of all ironies - it was negatively impacting my own health!

So, I started - as many of us do - on myself. I worked to untangle weight and health, to see the beauty and genius in body diversity, to approach nutrition - not just as fuel for the physical - but as a way to nourish my body/mind/soul deeply on all levels…. and guess what?

I found FREEDOM, peace, relief, a new relationship with my body, and a definition of health & wellness that I was excited to live - each and every day. 

It became clear to me very early on, even as I muddled through the details, that this would be the healthiest thing I'd ever do for myself and I was committed to sharing it with others.

Since then, I've worked with hundreds of individuals and organizations, spoken on podcasts and at live events, written for online publications, and mentored professionals of every kind - from MDs, nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists, naturopaths, nutritionistssocial workers, occupational therapists, and MORE on how to work this perspective successfully into their practice.

What a joy!


I started this work LONG before the perspective was trending on Instagram. 


I learned from the some of the biggest innovators in the field and I'm proud of the fact that what I teach hasn't been watered-down or mellowed by subtle diet culture messaging.


This is important because I see this "watering-down" all the time - practitioners struggling to help their clients, patients struggling to make headway with the work - and it's almost always because of a muddling of the message.


  • Claiming to be a body positive, intuitive eating coach - but selling shape wear on the side

  • Teaching a trust based model of eating - but never clearly addressing weight and health

  • Saying the body can be trusted and then pushing moderation and balance without understanding why that might be a problem


This work requires a lot of deprogramming, a well-trained eye to see when diet-culture is sneaking in, and a commitment to changing how you view your own relationship with food and weight.


If that's you - well then, let's go! Let's change the world (or this field, at the very least) once and for all!


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You have questions, I have answers...

(Otherwise known as THE FAQs)


  1.  When does the course start? Enrolment is currently closed. We begin the again on May 2, 2022! Book a discovery call to see if the program is a good fit for you!
  2.  This sounds great but I don't have the money. I’ll do it when I have more money… Okay, so not really a question but definitely a common thought. Here's the thing - this program is CHOCK full of value - a small group, loads of invaluable content that would take a decade to learn on your own, and lots of personal attention. If you want to change the way you work with food and bodies - this is the most amazing resource of information and experience you'll find on the market. In only 2 months, you'll be working in a whole new way!
  3.  Do you have payment plans? YES! For both the standard program and the VIP program, you can pay in full (for a bonus of an extra month of 1:1 and group support) OR you can choose to pay in two instalments. Easy peasy.
  4.  How long will I have access to the program material? You have access to the program content for life and to the Facebook group and group calls for 2 months (unless you pay in full and get the bonus month of extra support!). If you purchase the VIP package - your 1:1 sessions should be booked within the duration of the course.
  5.  What if I start and then realize it's not for me? Not to worry! We have a money back guarantee. If, within the first 7 days of the program, you realize it’s not for you - just let us know! We’ll have you fill out our exit survey and refund your money (minus a 10% admin fee). 
  6.  I’m ready but how do I explain this investment to my partner? Step one: explain the way you’ve been feeling to your partner. Often the ones we love most have no idea the mental anguish we experience every day when it comes to our body, weight, eating, health, and business. When they understand the emotional energy leaking from you EVERY. DAMN. DAY. they tend to get on board really quickly. Also - when we feel better in and about our bodies and work… we tend to be less anxious and stressed, more affectionate, and more connected to our sensual, loving side… so, Step two: explain what a HUGE bonus this will be for them! Also - it doesn't hurt to let them know that you're LITERALLY changing the world!
  7.  I’m really busy. Will I have time for this? You can put in as little as 1.5 hours a week and get results. If you have more time, there are plenty of resources and information to keep you busy, but 1.5 hours a week is all I need. 
  8.  How do I know if this is the right move for my business? Are you fed up with selling weight loss? Tired of counting almonds with your patients? Sick of pressuring clients to adhere to your definition of health and nutrition- while they resist and fail and feel like they're self-sabotaging? Ready to let go of the racist, ableist, classist definition of health and wellness that excludes...almost everyone? Feel like an imposter selling weight loss and health in your body? Well, maybe it's not your body that's the problem! Maybe it's the definition of wellness that excludes you in the first place. In my opinion - EVERY health and wellness practitioner - from MDs to NDs to NPs to RDs to psychotherapists and coaches and occupational therapists (and the list goes on) should ethically be rethinking the way they work with human bodies. This course is for EVERY BUSINESS and EVERY PRACTICE.
  9.  I have a few more questions - Can I chat with you before enrolling? Absolutely! Book a free 15 minute call HERE. 


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