single consultations

Is a one-off consult right for you?

You've been reading my work and you're into it. You want help but you're not quite ready to jump into a whole 1:1 or group program. You just need some 1:1 help and/or the opinion of someone in-the-know about what you should do next with regards to a specific issue.

If that's you, then a single consult might be the answer.


While I tend to prefer to work with women in the full 1:1 or group programs (food and body image issues take TIME to repair:) I do understand that it's not always the right option.....

When a single consultation is the right choice:

  • You are not sure what the next best move is. You know you are struggling with food, weight, and body image but you have no idea where to even start. A single session can help you get clear.
  • You can't invest in a full program yet but you'd love my insight on where to start. In a single session I can give you a few top priority places to start working, resources, focus, clarity.
  • You have one very specific thing you are dealing with. Whether you've done a program with me and there is still a lingering "stuck point" where you need a refresher OR you've never worked with me BUT you just know that you have one very specific area you'd like to improve...a single consult is great for women who are ready to go deep on one focused topic.
  • You are the parent of a child (of any age!) struggling with food, weight, body image issues and you want to know how to help. I LOVE working with parents. Single consults can help you get clear on your role in body image and food struggles and how to best help you child.
Thank you Jill for helping me in one of the biggest battles of my life. Truly, my life has been unleashed in new ways because of working with you. I have learned so much and grown so much as a person. Your honesty and openness are incredible. Thank you for all your time and effort and patience. What an angel you are.
— Ellie