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Are you worried about your child’s weight? Is your kid preoccupied with food (or do they refuse to eat anything)? Are dinner times a nightmare?

I completely understand the angst of trying to feed your kid the right foods, make sure they are growing properly, manage the way they feel about their bodies - often while struggling to the same for yourself!

My work with children focuses on the family eating/feeding dynamic helping parents and caregivers:

  • feed their children with confidence

  • manage the weight/growth/nutritional worries they may for their children

  • and teaching them how to talk to their kids in an age appropriate way about food and bodies.

Thank you Jill for helping me in one of the biggest battles of my life. Truly, my life has been unleashed in new ways because of working with you. I have learned so much and grown so much as a person. Your honesty and openness are incredible. Thank you for all your time and effort and patience. What an angel you are.
— Ellie
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