Jillian works with health care professionals & providers, companies, small businesses, non-profits, schools, and entrepreneurs.

Jill is brilliant, and her passion for her work is something that myself, and the students who listened to her speak, deeply admired (and still admire).

She has the ability to be professional, while still being quirky, fun and easy to work with.
— Danielle Forget, The Be Bold Seminar

Jillian consistently delivers powerful shifts in perspective and ideas that are practical and actionable for every person in the room.

Regardless of whether you are a health professional, high school student, entrepreneur, or CEO -- everyone who hears Jillian’s message will walk away with a completely new outlook on health & wellness, and the motivation to live boldly and beautifully in the body they are in.

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Blurry but true! Jillian occasionally changes out of yoga pants, squeezes into a favourite dress, and educates on food, weight, body image, health, and embarrassing things she’s done in the past! 

Sample lectures/trainings:
Health…beyond diet mentality.
A primer on the faults in a weight-loss approach to health....and a new paradigm for food, weight, movement, and weight-inclusive wellness.
Why You Hate Your Belly
Understanding how our current body and beauty ideal evolved and how to begin to shift it, personally and systemically.
Body Preoccupation is Stripping YOU of Your Power
Understanding the mental and emotional cost of being unhappy with your body and how to reclaim that power.
(particularly great for female business owners, managers, and employees)
Becoming Body Positive! Changing the culture in your workspace:
Strategies to combat diet culture and make the workspace safe for all bodies
(particularly great for female business owners, managers, and employees)
Body Talk for KIDS!
What are kids absorbing when it comes to weight, beauty, and worth? How can we help without harming? Jill will teach you how to feel confident facilitating a conversation around weight and body image with your children or children you work with. This can also be designed to be delivered TO kids:)
Navigating Health without Weight loss
Top tips for health professionals looking to implement an anti-diet, weight inclusive, approach to health and illness.

{Looking for a customized talk/training? Jillian will happily create a customized program just for your company/conference/organization. If you have a specific need or a topic of interest, just let us know!}

I hired Jill to speak at an event I hosted, and she knocked it out of the park! Jill is a vessel full of knowledge and one brief conversation with her can confirm that. But it’s her ability to package insightful and life changing content, with humor and wit, that makes her an extremely talented speaker. Jill shares her content with so much confidence and conviction, you walk away wanting more. Her speaking style is engaging and dynamic; one hour with her on stage felt like just minutes.

I’ve worked with Jill on numerous occasions and to say she’s a pleasure to work with would be an understatement. I’d recommend her without hesitation.

The bottom line is that Jill delivers in front of crowds. That’s a guarantee I will stand behind any day.
— Pam Fountas, CEO Limitless Living Ltd.

I invited Jillian Murphy to speak to an upper year class on Health Policy in 2018 because we were focused on the role of complimentary alternative medicine in improving health care in Canada.

Students in the course found Jillian’s presentation style incredibly engaging. She was candid, personable, and funny! I have heard many positive comments since Jillian’s presentation, particularly from students who made the decision to pursue naturopathic medicine because of all that they learned from Jillian.

I greatly admire Jillian - her generosity toward others builds a positive atmosphere that is truly inspiring.
— Mary Rita Holland, Queen's University

Dr. Murphy’s regular visits to St Lawrence College are always engaging and enlightening. She generously donates her time to speak to the the future health professionals in the Fitness and Health Promotion Program in Kingston. Her approachable style and thoughtful delivery has made a great impression on all the classes she speaks to. Dr Murphy can read her audience well and creates a easy environment for students to participate and ask questions. Her passion for holistic health has inspired many in our SLC community. I adore working with Dr. Murphy, she is very professional, kind and easy going. Kingston is very fortunate to have her.
— Devon Cosgrove, RHN, CH