Story Week 1 - Who are you when you eat? (Video)

This week we are digging into the very powerful influence of our thoughts and stories on how we digest and metabolize food. It's so interesting to see how different pieces of our personality and thoughts influence our experience with food and our bodies. After the video, check out the simple meditative process for the month and the journal prompts that will help you hash out your "old" story!

Blessing/Gratitude for Food (A Meditative Process for The Month)

The only meditation you are doing this month is a living, breathing, moving meditation - where you start the process of making food your friend, meal-by-meal. Before every meal/snack - say a quick, short, simple blessing of gratitude over your food!

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 10.00.53 AM.png

It can be as simple as:

  • Thank you for the abundance I am about to eat.
  • I am grateful for this food that nourishes me: mind, body, and soul
  • Thank you universe for the nourishment I am about to receive
  • Or you can say WHATEVER comes into your mind and feels TRUE and right for you!

What's Your OLD Story? (Journal Exercise)

Before we can begin to shift our story about body, weight, food, digestion, health, etc we need to get clear on what our current story is. Except - insttead of thinking about it as current - let's start to think of it as THE OLD way of seeing things:) Use the prompts below to hash out your OLD story.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 9.49.16 AM.png

Exercise: Get Clear of Your Food Thoughts

Take an inventory of the most common thoughts you repeat to yourself about eating, nutrition, and your body.These are the one-liners that together form the relationship you have with food and that ultimately help/hinder your metabolism. Consider the following prompts:

  • What do you tell yourself when you're eating?
  • What do you expect food to do to you?
  • What nutritional rules do you feel strongly about?
  • Which foods are on your "good" list? "Bad "list?
  • What are your rules about health, weight, longevity?
  • Is food your enemy or your ally? Or both??

Exercise: The Old Story.

Let's hash out your metabolic history. Write out your complete food, body, and weight history. Give yourself at least an hour of undisturbed time. Be kind to yourself as you recount sweet memories, difficult memories and as you tell an accurate and honest tale. Let it flow through you without editing it or trying to “get it right”.

Things to include:

  • History of various diets
  • Beliefs about nutrition, weight, food (you've likely done that above!)
  • Important life experiences with health, energy level, disease.
  • Your relationship to your body from childhood to when you started this program
  • Experiences of sexuality and sensuality from childhood to present. Biggest challenges?
  • How have parents, friends, family members affected your beliefs about food, health, and your body?
  • Have you ever felt betrayed around food, health, your body? How has that influenced you?
  • What are your most positive and inspiring memories around food, your body, health and your sexuality? When was (or will be) “the prime of your life” in these areas? When have you felt the most vitality?

Oftentimes our biggest challenge to change is how we interpret our story from the past. Once you’ve sat with your metabolic history – your OLD nutritional story – and absorbed it’s meaning, let’s take some time to look at it with fresh eyes.