Story Week 2 (video)

Hello! And welcome back!

Here is your intro to the work for the week. Week 2 is all about setting down the old story (temporarily) and re-focusing on how you want to FEEL in your body. It's a big jump to go from feeling like you need to have a goal in mind, sort out the HOWs, and then bootstrap it to the choosing to go after feelings. But I promise you, it'll be worth it.

I was once listening to an Abraham Hicks recording about weight and body where Abraham encouraged a woman to begin to act "as though" she were in her ideal body. Exude the feeling, do the activities, dress the way she would, etc. And the woman said "it sounds like you want me to feel so good I'll stop caring if I ever lose the weight?!".


Just a reminder: when I talk about Abraham Hicks and law of attraction it's very easy to interpret the "stop caring about how your body looks and just enjoy it" as "stop caring about how your body looks and just enjoy it so you can FINALLY LOSE WEIGHT".

That is not my message (nor do I actually believe it is theirs, if you listen closely. I think their lessons are misinterpreted!). But again, that misinterpretation is common - don't get caught up in it. Your body and weight will do what they are going to do - but you are MUCH more likely to find yourself in a healthy body you enjoy long-term, following this path!!!

Oh, and again, if you want to learn more about LOA, listen to THIS podcast with Jess Lively.