The Desire Map

The first part of this book is theory. Read it if you like but here is the synopsis:

We go about setting goals all wrong. We arbitrarily (or not so arbitrarily because our culture TELLS us certain things will make us happy) choose external things we want/want to achieve, hoping to feel a certain way when we get there - but whether it's the shiny new car or fancy job or weight loss goal - more often than not, people get to the end point only to realize they feel no better than they did before. So they set a new goal. Try harder. Get that goal and.....still no feeling. BOO! Instead, let's just figure out how we want to FEEL and start feeling that way right away. And then, we go after things that help us feel more and more the way we want to feel - we discover things we never even knew we wanted, we expand, we feel good all the way - so even when we find ourselves at a dead end, we can appreciate the journey and start again!

I find this particularly interesting with bodies because so many women believe they could NEVER EVER possibly feel good - unless they lose the weight - despite having been at lower weights without the feeling they crave and/or despite seeing many, many women in smaller bodies also not feeling very good.

The extra silly bit is when we sacrifice all the good feelings in pursuit of weight loss and then think we are going to find a happy ending at some point. We will not find happiness at the end of a miserable journey. The misery is takes to get into the "dream body" is typically the misery it takes to stay there. So let's try things differently shall we?

The second part of the book is the workbook. It focuses on your whole life. Go ahead and do that or just focus on body and health. Up to you! Click the pic to access the PDF.