Story Week 3 (Video)

Week 3!!! Here's what your homework is:

  1. Read over your OLD story. With respect to your new feeling words - does the story measure up? Is it making you feel the way you want to feel? No?? Well then, it's time to try a NEW story.
  2. Brainstorm: with your feelings words written in bold at the top of a page, brainstorm ways you might feel those feeling with respect to your body, beauty, food, etc. Here are some things to consider as you write your new story:
    1. How might you eat to feel the way you want to feel?
    2. How might you move?
    3. What actions might you take in your day?
    4. How might your relationships change?
    5. What things might you try that you've never tried before?
    6. What might you say no to?
  3. Use feelings of comparison and jealousy to help you move deeper into this work!

Watch the video for more info!!! XO Jill